A clean, strong, and reliable look was needed for Altra – a crane and lift contracting corporation offering everything from construction services to rentals and maintenance. Due to the nature of Altra’s specialty, the brand hadto evoke a feeling of fortitude and the muscle to get tough jobs done; while considering the company’s presence not only on the job site, but in board rooms and corporate settings.

“Altra” is an invented word, brought about through creative brain storming processes including the generation and combining of random phonemes. Altra was selected for its straightforward simplicity and its similarity to the words “ultra”, “alternative”, and “Atlas.”
The logo was constructed using basic geometry on a grid to create bold letter forms that would speak of the solid, sturdy nature of what Altra offers. Though simple, the logotype manages to incorporate a number of different symbols and concepts: the overall shape appears similar to the horizontal boom of a large stationary crane while the angled bars within are evocative of mobile cranes and lifts. The diagonal lines also serve to mimic hazard stripes, which are ever-present throughout the job site.
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