The Gochisou brand was developed to be a sleek, contemporary Japanese restaurant; parting with the old-fashioned aesthetics that are ubiquitous amongst many Asian dining establishments. Instead, traditional elements and norms were to be re-imagined in a fashion befitting the twenty-first century.
The name Gochisou is derived from theJapanese custom of giving thanks before and after a meal. Before dining, theexpression “itadakimasu” is spoken –meaning “I humbly receive.” Aftercompleting a meal, the phrase “gochisousama-deshita” is used – meaning “it wasa feast.” In less formal occasions this may be shortened to “gochisousama” orsimply “gochisou.” When giving thanks the hands are placed flat together in aseated bow.

The logo is a geometricrepresentation of the human form in profile whilst seated in the traditional
seizamanner. It is in this position,kneeling on the floor, which the Japanese traditionally eat. Unlike in theWest, it is not considered impolite to hold bowls up to one’s face when eating.In this manner the figure reflects the restaurant's initial 'g' in lowercase.
Additional icons were developed forthe sake of identifying different rooms within the restaurant; their designsreflect traditional family crests (mon).

First Row: Maple Room, Sparrow Room, Tea House, Men's Restroom
Second Row: Gingko Room, Heron Room, Sake Bar, Women's Restroom
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