At over a century since its founding, the Harley Davidson brand possesses an especially rich and storied history. This application was designed to be present in select Harley Davidson dealerships during the summer of 2013 to provide an attractive and informative feature for the 110th anniversary celebration.
Guests of the event could scroll through an extensive parallax-scrolling timeline of key events and innovations, activating video and sound content present throughout the application. The timelines functions both on single touch-screen monitors as well as across Next/Now's Tryplex monitor rig, utilizing Microsoft Kinect-based motion controls for user input.
The Farmers Insurance Performance Racing institute offers fans of NASCAR’s number 5 car an interactive exploration of what goes in to a successful day at the track. This travelling exhibit features a variety of stations focused on the different aspects of the preparation process, the vehicle, and the people that make up a NASCAR racing team.
The Autolab utilizes iPad tablets alongside mounted multi-touch screens enabling users to explore various technical points upon a virtual Number 5 car. At the Pit Crew Challenge, guests try their hand at a simulated tire change, complete with photo capture functionality, allowing sharing of the experience through social media channels. While at the Reaction Time Game, users put their hand-eye coordination to the test through touch-screen technology as they compete for the highest score and potential prize winnings.
All of these stations are tied together through an iPad-based registration system, enabling attendees to later access summaries of their day at the Institute, as well as entry into an automated sweepstakes drawing.
Promoting the excitement of the upcoming Big Ten basketball season, the Big Ten Network’s B1G Dunk Experience challenged visitors of the Fan Expo to show off their ultimate dunk skills. After declaring their team fandom and selecting a favorite avatar, players stepped up to a massive ten by twenty foot LED screen to perform a series of gesture-activated moves before jamming their dunk. Fans excitedly engaged in the physical gameplay, getting into the action as many smiles were had. Using social media integration, attendees could share video and images of their participation and allowed the Big Ten Network to share further promotional content.
Silver Tower Award in Face-to-Face Marketing
Business Marketing Association of Chicago
September 2013
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